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        2. 錢學森國際杰出科學家系列講座





          名稱 時間
          決策樹,基尼指數及非平衡分類 2017-08-28
          Broad Learning System:an Effective and Efficient Incremental Learning System without the Need for Deep Architecture 2017-06-29
          Mobile and 5G Research 2017-06-19
          Computational Conformal Geometry,Theories,Algorithms and Applications 2017-06-19
          Rfid/Sensor Systems for Passive Biological Applications 2017-05-31
          Dynamic Network Analysis: Technologies and Applications 2017-05-25
          Identifying Malicious Actors in Online Platforms 2017-05-23
          Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Evolutionary Algorithms 2013-10-29
          The Socialization of Computing 2013-10-15
          Smart Buildings and Smart Grids: Today's Applications and Tomorrow's Prospects 2013-08-19
          Biometric technologies and applications for smart cities and an intelligent planet 2013-07-22
          Optimal Design for Cooperative Control Synchronization and Games on Communication Graphs 2013-05-23
          Control Designs that Enhance Perception by Climbing Information Gradients 2013-04-11
          Distributed Randomized Algorithms for the PageRank Computation in Complex Networks 2013-02-04
          動態不確定因果圖理論及其在核電站等大型復雜系統中的應用 2012-11-28
          Towards Swarms of Self-Driving Automobiles 2012-10-25
          不確定性認知理論與模型 2012-08-13
          Understanding Climate Change:Opportunities and Challenges for Data Driven Research 2012-07-23
          Grinding Mill Modeling and Control 2012-07-23