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        2. 學會歡迎您 進入官網


          Founded in 1961, the CAA is an important social force to develop automation, information and intelligence science and technology in our country. CAA and its members inspire a scientific community to innovate for a better tomorrow through its over 90,000 individual members, over 300 group members, 60 technical committees, 9 working committees, 53 science popularization and education bases, and 23 service stations for the academy. The CAA has been honored as the Advanced Association for Party Construction of China Association for Science and Technology, the Advanced Collective of the China Association for Science and Technology System, the Outstanding Unit of the National Association for Journal Publishing, and the Outstanding Association for Poverty Alleviation. The CAA has been elected to the Association for Ability Improvement and Reform Project Support of China Association for Science and Technology for many times. In 2021, the CAA was awarded the title of "National Advanced Social Organization" by Ministry of Civil Affairs.